Wrapping up the third week of distance learning, on Friday, May 1st, the Bethel School District addressed several frequently asked questions (PDF) from parents regarding current distance learning issues as well as any potential future impact.

Questions answered include:

  • What will report cards look like for my child?
  • Do we need to turn in work for my child?
  • Distance Learning isn’t rigorous enough. Why aren’t they being taught anything new?
  • Will my child move on to the next grade next school year?
  • What is the plan for next fall to help my child fill in gaps in learning, especially with the material they are missing this spring?
  • Will school go into the summer to make up for missed instruction?
  • When can I pick up my child’s materials and supplies from the classroom?
  • How can I turn in library books?
  • Are there still Chromebooks available for check out?
  • What happens with Lost and Found clothes?
  • What are the nutrition sites and times?
  • If my child doesn’t engage with online learning, will they lose their spot at Kalapuya next year?
  • What is happening with graduation or promotion activities this year?

“Our team continues to be impressed by the participation of our students. [We] know that the stronger our partnership is with our families the more we can do to support our students, so thank you for everything that you all are doing during these times.”

Ry Robinson, Principal at Cascade Middle Schookl

Ry Robinson

Principal, Cascade Middle School